Choosing Designer Frames to Suit Your Face Shape

Choosing Designer Frames to Suit Your Face Shape

Choosing Designer Frames to Suit Your Face Shape

Choosing Designer Frames to Suit Your Face Shape

Choosing Designer Frames to Suit Your Face Shape

With many individuals wearing eyeglasses, there is a wide array of frames to choose from. Choosing the best frames for your face can be daunting owing to the options available. It can also be expensive if you do not know what to look for. 


The best frames will fit properly and help provide functionality while accentuating your best features. You can learn tips for choosing designer frames to suit your face shape. 


Oval Face Shape


You have the widest frame selection if you have an oval face shape. This face has balanced proportions, with curved edges and the middle part being the widest. You can choose any frame style that you love. However, it would help if you avoided frames that are too small or too large for your face. 


Square Face Shape


If you have a broad forehead and a strong jawline, your face shape is considered square. With the height and width tending to be almost equal, you need to choose frames that will soften the angles. By choosing thin instead of thick frames, you can soften the angular features. Avoid harsh angles and choose round or oval frames. Cat-eye frames look good on a square face.  


Heart-shaped Face 


You have a heart-shaped face if you have a narrow jawline, chin, and broader cheekbones and forehead. For this upside-down triangle, look for frames that balance the proportions. Avoid glasses that are wide or enhanced at the top. Choose round or rectangular frames that balance the heart shape. Light frames that are oval, round, or rectangular are ideal. 


Round Face Shape 


A round face will have the same length and width proportions and curved edges without apparent angles. When choosing frames, look for glasses that add some angles and provide length to the face. Rectangular frames with a good width are ideal as they add structure to the face.


You can also choose square frames such as wayfarers that add length and balance or semi-rimless frames with a dark top. Avoid round, small glasses. 


Rectangular/Oblong Face


An oblong is similar to a square as the forehead and jawline are wide, but an oblong face is longer. You can choose frame styles that add softer lines while reducing the length of the face. Like the oval face, you have many styles to choose from, as you can get away with virtually all shapes. Oversized frames may not be ideal as they take away from the natural balance.


Diamond Face Shape 


A diamond shape is not very common, and it is an angular version of the oval face. A narrow chin and forehead and wider cheekbones create the diamond shape. For this type of face, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Choose frames that will accentuate your cheekbones. Cat-eye frames will complement your look. Avoid narrow frames, but you can select wide top-heavy styles. 


Choosing the right designer frames can transform your facial appearance. Frames that look good in a photo or screen may not suit your face, and they can make you appear older. The right frames will give you confidence and impact how you look and feel. Choose frames that suit your personality. 


For more on choosing designer frames to suit your face, call Eye Center of Virginia at (757) 919-3500 to reach our office in Williamsburg, Virginia. 

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