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Patient Reviews

Eye Center of Virginia Reviews

"I am a first time patient and I would recommend this office to everyone that is looking for an awesome eye doctor. The staff is wonderful and the Doctor was so nice and patient."

Breanna S.

“ I was very fortunate to try the Eye Center of Virginia when my glasses became damaged and unusable. The staff was very courteous and worked me into their busy schedule for an eye examination, so that I could quickly replace my glasses. Every staff person I encountered was professional and polite. Dr. Schultz took time with me and explained various things to me about my eyesight that previous physicians had not. He explained things well and was a good listener. I very much appreciate what the ECoV has done for me.”

Nick C.

“ My first visit at Eye Center of Virginia was amazing!!!! The staff greeting you with a smile and was ready to accommodate any needs met. I am grateful that I finally found someone that will treat my eyes the right way, first impression of Dr. Schultz was the best!!!!”

Sharika J.

“ Dr. Schultz and his entire staff took great care of me during my visit. They made me feel comfortable and provided exceptional service. I had gone years without having my vision checked. ... Dr. Schultz and his staff expertly diagnosed the changes in my vision, including the development of cataracts, and they made excellent recommendations to correct my problems in the future. I know I have found a truly superior Eye Doctor in Dr. Schultz, and a state of the art Eye Center, that will keep for life!"

John R.

“The staff appears to be very knowledgeable and well trained. All are very pleasant and helpful. Dr. Schultz goes into great detail to explain what is happening with your eyes, which I appreciate. The only reason gave it four stars instead of five is that I didn't like how was lead out o the eyeglasses section while my eyes were dilating. It's almost as if it was understood that I was going to buy glasses. In this case, I was. But if I hadn't decided, I would have felt awkward. I think it would be better if the question is asked about my plan to purchase glasses before doing this; that way, I'd have the option of waiting back in the waiting area for my eyes to dilate if I wasn't going to buy that day."

Kathryn S.

Eye Center of Virginia

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