Eye & Vision Exams

Eye & Vision Exams

Eye & Vision Exams

Eye & Vision Exams

Eye & Vision Exams

Here at the Eye Center of Virginia, we’re completely committed to protecting your eye health, from birth all the way through your senior years. Of course, regular eye exams are crucial to that mission. Our Williamsburg optometrist, Dr. Schultz, recommends annual or biannual eye exams for all patients, depending on their risk factors. This is the most important part of any eye care or vision care regimen, and we want you to reap the many benefits of eye exams too. If more than a year has passed since your last eye exam, learn why you should schedule your next appointment as soon as possible.

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Why We Recommend Annual Eye Exams

Just as check-ups are necessary to keep your body healthy, comprehensive eye exams are the very best way to keep track of your eye health and vision. Dr. Schultz recommends annual or bi-annual exams for all patients, regardless of their eye care or vision care needs, because prevention and diagnosis are so much more effective than treatment. Anyone can suddenly experience symptoms of a progressive eye condition (or changes to their vision or eye function), and only an eye doctor can fully assess your eyes to identify and immediately treat any symptoms that show up.

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Why Some Patients Need More Frequent Eye Exams

Some of our patients are at a higher risk of developing problems with their vision or eye health. Patients who need more frequent eye exams include those with a family history of ocular disease, those who work in visually demanding environments, and anyone who wears contact lenses.

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How Annual Eye Exams Help Protect Your Vision

Whether or not you rely on corrective eyewear, annual eye exams will help minimize your future risks and protect your eyesight. Why? When your optometrist performs a thorough eye exam, he looks for the earliest warning signs of a several different conditions. Some of these conditions, such as diabetes and glaucoma, can actually cause blindness without prompt and proper treatment. Vision changes are also easier to detect with eye exams, which go beyond simple vision tests to measure key elements of your eye function. If your eye doctor notices symptoms of any condition or disease that could affect your eyesight, he will be able to start treating or managing that condition right away.

Pediatric Eye Exams

​​​​​​​Why Kids Need Pediatric Eye Exams Too

Children aren’t immune to eye conditions or vision conditions, so it’s important to schedule thorough annual exams for your kids too. Our eye doctors look for everything from abnormal visual development (including amblyopia) to refractive errors and eye misalignment. The earlier we spot symptoms in children, the sooner we can start treatment to restore their eye health and vision.

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