How Can I Prevent Dry Eyes in Summer?

How Can I Prevent Dry Eyes in Summer?

How Can I Prevent Dry Eyes in Summer?

How Can I Prevent Dry Eyes in Summer?

How Can I Prevent Dry Eyes in Summer?

Dry eye is a condition that occurs when the eyes fail to produce enough or good quality tears. Tears help provide moisture and lubricate the eyes. They help wash the eyes of the dust, pollen, bacteria, and anything that can cause harm. 


When the part of the eye that creates tears does not work correctly, it can disrupt the tear makeup. It can result in chronic dry eye. It is helpful to find out how to prevent dry eyes in summer. 


Symptoms of Dry Eye 


Dry eye symptoms include stinging or burning, dryness, grittiness or itchiness, pain, and redness. Other symptoms are stringy discharge, blurry vision, and sensitivity to light. Some individuals are more predisposed to developing chronic dry eye, including older individuals. 


The environment and weather conditions can affect the symptoms of dry eye. It means that the symptoms can vary depending on the season. 


Seasons and Dry Eye Symptoms 


Different factors affect dry eye symptoms. They are humidity, temperature, wind, sunlight, pollen, and air pollution. Vents or fans used in some seasons can exacerbate dry eye symptoms. You may experience changes in the dry eye symptoms during particular seasons. Summer can be great for dry eyes due to the increased humidity. 


Dry Eye Symptoms in Summer 


Some people find that the summer weather may provide some relief from their dry eye symptoms. However, some things can trigger the symptoms in the warm months. The triggers include the frequent use of air conditioning and low indoor humidity levels. Increased dehydration during summer can increase the symptoms. 


Too much sun can cause the tears to evaporate faster. Outdoor activities like biking and hiking can increase exposure to dust and dirt. Other triggers are campfire or wildfire smoke and chlorine in swimming pools. 


Preventing Dry Eyes in Summer 


Dry eyes do not have to prevent you from enjoying your summer activities. There are things that you can do to prevent dry eyes in summer. Helpful tips include staying hydrated, using a humidifier indoors, and adjusting your air conditioning units. It will keep air from blowing directly in your face. 


Wearing eye protection will also help keep your eyes safe from the damaging effects. Choose wraparound frames for protection from the wind. Using lubricating eye drops regularly will help keep the eyes moist. 


Diet for Healthy Eyes 


Consuming a healthy diet during summer can help prevent dry eyes. A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help improve tear production. Eating more fatty fish, including tuna and salmon, can help keep the eye healthy. 


You can also increase your chia seeds, eggs, and walnuts intake. Washing your eyes regularly during the summer months will help eliminate pollen, dust, sand, and other debris that can dry the eyes. 


The best way to ensure that your eyes remain healthy is by scheduling regular visits to the eye doctor. Regular eye exams will help detect any underlying causes of dry eye. The doctor can help diagnose and treat chronic dry eye. If your dry eye symptoms increase, consult your eye doctor to get the best treatment. 


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